Wednesday, July 15, 2009

platinum is perfect for jewelry

Author : Nitin Soni

Platinum is a precious metal that is used more and more in a variety of areas of manufacturing and commerce. Platinum, a metal that is white and pale silver in color, is easy to form into a variety of shapes. This makes this metal ideal for manufacturing all types of materials.

Platinum is a very durable and strong metal and does not corrode, thereby increasing its market value. For centuries Platinum has been used for many centuries for making a variety of products including jewellery, dentistry instruments, and lab equipment.

Since platinum is an expensive and rare metal, most common use of platinum is in the jewellery making industry. The use of platinum as a metal for jewellery started with the ancient Egyptians. Then many other cultures also followed the Egyptians. It was only in the 1800's that many royal families started using platinum jewellery and the style caught on and Platinum became a metal that was much used for making jewellery.
Two of the most famous pieces of jewelry use platinum:
(1) the Hope Diamond.
(2) the Star of Africa.
Platinum is one of the safest metals to use with exotic diamonds because the jewelry will last for a long time.
The use of platinum took a bit of a nose dive during World War II. It was at this time that the government of the United States decided that Platinum could only be used for government business. After this declaration, the use of platinum in jewelry stopped for some time.

Platinum is enjoyed a remarkable resurgence and is once again at the forefront of the jewelry business. It is frequently used as the base setting for diamonds and other precious gems. Because platinum is more expensive to purchase that silver or gold it isn't in the budget range of most people. However, if you can afford platinum, it is an excellent choice because of its beauty and strength.

Platinum is also a great alternative for those people with an allergy to other types of metals. Because platinum is so pure it rarely causes allergic reactions to happen. This makes it the ideal choice for anyone with an allergy who would like to wear a special piece of jewelry.

It's easy to care for platinum. Of course, you'll want to take good care of your platinum jewelry so that you can continue to enjoy it as much as on the day that you first wore it. Just like most other types of jewelry, it's a good idea to take the jewelry off when you're working in conditions that could be harmful, such as when working with chemicals of any kind. If you need to clean jewelry, soak the item in mild solution of soap and water to remove any dirt and grime.

It will be hard to scratch your platinum jewelry but the possibility exists. When storing anything made from platinum you'll want to store it separately so that it doesn't rub up against other metals or hard surfaces.

Platinum is a luxurious choice, but also a choice for the future. If you have a budget that allows it, you may want to consider buying your next piece of jewelry in a platinum setting.

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